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    Recover My Photos

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    Recover My Photos Empty Recover My Photos

    Post by ( ̄MALDITZ ̄) on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:39 pm

    Recover My Photos

    Recover My Photos RecoverMyPhotos

    Digital photo recovery is easy with Recover My Photos. Follow these steps:

    Download and install 'Recover My Photos' on your PC;

    Connect your camera to your PC or place your compact flash, smart media or other memory card into a card reader connected to your PC;

    Run Recover My Photos and scan your memory card or even scan your PC hard drive. Then...

    Recover My Photos Recover-deleted-photos-3

    Lost picture recovery is 100% Safe, Secure and Guaranteed.

    Most digital cameras do not wipe digital pictures from your storage media when you delete images or use the format command. If your digital camera storage media is corrupt and you get the message "Media is not formatted would you like to format now?", lost picture recovery may still be possible. Recover My Photos searches your media at a low level to recover photos and display the deleted pictures.

    Recover My Photos works with many types of direct camera connections where your media card appears as a drive letter on your PC. If your camera is not displayed as a drive letter when connected to your PC you can use a digital camera card reader.

    Recover My Photos is fast and easy. No technical skill is required to recover deleted photos. It works for compact flash data recovery, smart media data recovery, Memory Stick data recovery, or other storage media including your PC hard drive.

    Install notes:
    1.) Unpack and install
    2.) Copy cracked file(s) over original(s)
    3.) Enjoy!

    Download here, just click my name...
    Recover My Photos Here11
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